What is Global-In Fellowship?

Our project, Global-In Fellowship, is a three-week summer program on diplomacy, entrepreneurship and global understanding, which takes place in Berlin, Germany. Throughout the program, we provide 60 highly motivated, accomplished young people from Europe (Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Moldova, Poland, Spain, Sweden), the Middle East (Jordan) and North Africa (Morocco) with the knowledge, skills and insights that allow them to gather information, develop their personal skills and broaden their horizons.

GIF creates a dynamic network of young diplomats and change-makers: our alumni association, the Global-In Network (GIN). Following the project, the participants become members of GIN and have the opportunity to interact with other members through the online presence of the organisation, as well as in regional meetings and annual international summits.

Our vision for this intense summer project is not only to enhance our participants’ leadership abilities and skills in the short term, but also to encourage teamwork and collaboration between them and to foster global cooperation, understanding and innovation in the long term.

What happens during Global-In Fellowship?

Our program is based on the learning structure of “Learn-Apply-Innovate”: Throughout the three unique weeks, our participants gather knowledge, apply what they have learned and, then, create on the basis of the intelligence and skills they have gained.

During the first week, we hold workshops on Civil Society, Journalism & Media, Economics and Political Systems, as well as training sessions on Soft Skills & Rhetorics and Entrepreneurship. By participating in panel discussions, lectures and seminars, the participants gather the foundational knowledge that will provide the basis for their work and development in the upcoming weeks.

The second week consists of a simulation of the work of the United Nations. As a country’s representative, you will develop your rhetorical and negotiation skills and gain insights into international politics and debates. You will learn to discuss, debate, negotiate and reach compromises, while engaging in passionate discussions about today’s most pressing challenges.

The third week is a Crisis Simulation, where you will be forming newly established nation states and work towards creating your constitution, national identity and political structures. In an interactive environment, where the relationships between the different states will develop in real time, you will get to invest resources, create governmental infrastructure and establish international organizations. But: How, and with what system It is simply up to your imagination!