The Project

Global In-Fellowship is a fully funded 3-week summer program on diplomacy, entrepreneurship and global understanding, which takes place in Berlin, Germany. 60 highly motivated, accomplished young people from Europe (Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Greece, France, Moldova, Poland, Spain and Sweden) the Middle East (Jordan), and North Africa (Morocco),  have the chance to gather in Berlin, where they will work in an international group, network, develop themselves and gain experience in the program’s fields.

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Week 1 – Learn

During the first week, we hold workshops on Law, Social Media, Economics and Political Systems, as well as training sessions on Soft Skills & Rhetorics and Entrepreneurship. By participating in panel discussions, lectures and seminars, the participants gather the foundational knowledge that will provide the basis for their work and development in the upcoming weeks.

Week 2 – Apply

The second week consists of a simulation of the work of the United Nations. As a country’s representative, you will develop your rhetorical and negotiation skills and gain insights into international politics and debates. You will learn to discuss, debate, negotiate and reach compromises, while engaging in passionate discussions about today’s most pressing challenges.

Week 3 – Innovate

The third week is a Crisis Simulation, where you will be forming newly established nation states and work towards creating your constitution, national identity and political structures. In an interactive environment, where the relationships between the different states will develop in real time, you will get to invest resources, create governmental infrastructure and establish international organizations. But: How, and with what system It is simply up to your imagination!

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Who is the program for?

Are you young and interested in international relations, politics or diplomacy? Would you describe yourself as open-minded and willing to get to know new cultures? Are you engaged in the civil society? Are you a leader in your community and are you looking to meet more leaders in the same age group?

If you can answer most of the questions with a definite ‘YES’, then you should apply for Global-In Fellowship! We offer unforgettable days with around 60 other young leaders from 12 countries in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Who is eligible?

This year, the project will bring together a group of 16-20 year olds from 12 different countries; Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Moldova, Morocco, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

We are in particular looking for individuals with experience in and/or an interest in international relations, politics, diplomacy or rhetoric, who want to strengthen and develop their communication and debating skills. A high proficiency in English is required, as well as the ability to participate in the entire duration of the program.

Goals of the Program

We expect, and hope, that our participants will play important roles in the future. For this reason, Global-In Fellowship is designed as an “out-of-the-classroom” experience, with non-formal teaching methods and interactive learning. Our goal is to develop and strengthen your ability to reach your goals, regardless of where you come from and what background you have.

During both the program workshops and the designated free time, we hope that the participants will learn how to live together in a multinational, multilingual, and pluralistic group of youngsters. Our hope is that participants will not just learn about the political, economic aspects of the modern world, but also gain a diplomatic and open-minded approach to dealing with others that come from different cultures.

Program coverage

With the help of funding from the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, and the European Commission’s “Erasmus+” program, Global-In Fellowship is able to cover travel expenses to and from the location. In addition to this, housing and food will be covered. Any expenses outside of the program’s planned activities, that the participant chooses in his or her free-time, are not covered. Unfortunately we cannot cover the costs for visa to Germany, but we will gladly provide help with the application process for successful candidates.

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