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Do you really cover all the costs?
We cover the costs of your travel to and from Berlin, the program, food, housing, public transport and any other expenses related to the project thanks to our sponsors. We will not cover any private expenses such as shopping in Berlin and other things you might want to do in your free time. Unfortunately we cannot cover health or any other insurance for your stay in Germany, the cost of your passport and Visa Costs for Non-EU participants due to funding restrictions.

Will I see the city of Berlin?
We will have lots of occasions to see the city such as the cultural experience on the first day. You will also have free time in Berlin to discover the city. Please note that if you are under the age of 18 you will only be allowed to leave the venues in groups of three participants or together with a mentor.

I am from Georgia, Ukraine or any other country. Can I apply?
You can only apply if you have a residence in one of our participating countries (Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Moldova, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Sweden). This is due to restrictions of our EU-funding. If you have the nationality of another country but do live in one of the participating countries you are eligible for the project. Please do not apply if you do not live in one of the countries. In case of doubt, contact us.

Is there a deadline for the application?
The deadline will be May 14, 2017. However, do not wait to submit your application in the last minute! If you apply before April 28, we will consider your application in an “early admission round” where we will select one participant for each delegation. The application stays open after this, with the final selection presented after the May 14 deadline. Note, if you apply before April 28, but you are not selected as your country’s “early admit”, you can still be selected later in the application process!

I have the nationality of / a permanent residence in a partner country, but I currently live abroad. Can I apply?
It doesn\’t matter, if you currently live abroad (e.g. for an exchange year or if you study abroad), as long as you still have a permanent residence in one of our partner countries. In this case please indicate both your residence and the place you currently live in the application form, but please note, that we can only refund travel costs to and from your partner country. We cannot fund your travel to and from your current place – you would have to pay the travel costs by yourself.

I am over 20 but not over 22 years old. Can I apply?
Please contact us by describing what you are currently doing in your life (education, work) and we will tell you, if you are eligible for the project.

I am under 16 years old. Can I apply?
You are eligible for the project if you will be over 16 years old by the time you start your travel to Berlin – usually one or two days before the project. This is due to restrictions in German law. Applying if you are not of the requested age is unnecessary as applications from underage individuals are not considered.

I am over 22 years old. Can I apply?
We cannot accept your application and as such it will not be considered.

Can I apply as a mentor?
All of our mentors are Alumni of international youth projects and have already gained experiences as mentors in other projects. They are usually previously known to us and we may have worked together previously. As we firmly believe in a close network of mentors as the foundation of a great project, we are unlikely to accept people we have no previous knowledge of as mentor. Please apply as a participant: Some of our mentors are GIF-Alumni and the project caters to the full age range of 16 to 20 in different ways.

Can I arrive later or depart earlier?
Unless we book your flights on other days we expect you to participate in the whole project and not only in part of it. The concept is designed for a participation in the whole program. Missing parts of it will lower your learning experience.

I applied a week ago. When will I hear from you?
Please do not send us e-mails asking for the results of the application. If you provided a correct e-mail in your application you will hear from us. This may take up to six weeks or longer.

My question has not been answered in this section!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any further questions.